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Anti-Viral Nasal Spray


Anti-Viral Nasal Spray


ClorNovir is a revolutionary nasal spray that helps stop infections and treats virus. Our broad spectrum antiviral formulation is easy to use, safe and effective. It is superior to all of the available therapies, and is the only nasal spray that is Anti-Covid, and Anti Influenza A and B. With ClorNovir, you can have confidence that your symptoms will be relieved quickly, and you can get back to living your life to the fullest.

Stops the infections and treats the symptoms

A broad-spectrum antiviral

Easy to use, safe and effective formulation

Superior to all the available therapies


Anti-Influenza A and B

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How to use our Nasal Spray

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Step 1

Remove the cap by pressing both sides marks and rotating counter clockwise

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Step 2

Press down the spray two times before first use to prime the product

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Step 3

Don't tilt your head. Insert the nozzle into one nostril at a 45° angle, then press down firmly on the nozzle to release the spray and inhale deeply through the nostril.



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